Steve Johnson

About Me

Steve Johnson is a well respected seasoned SEO consultant. I’ve worked throughout the world on many IT projects as a stakeholder, developer, project manager and IT Manager before settling down to becoming an SEO consultant. Having worked on numerous projects I’ve realised that so many  projects just get done to a minimum standard to tell the stakeholders that the project is complete and to get a pat on the back. The reality for websites is that only half the job has been done, as under the bonnet the SEO of a site is a black art that needs the attention that it never really gets.

Hence, my role in life, is to get these websites ranking where they should be and returning the ROI that the stakeholder deserves.

Experience vs Online Tools

Of course I use online SEO tools to help me establish issues with any website, some tools are better than others and most cover only certain aspects. My expertise is to consolidate the results from the online SEO tools with how you’ve developed your site, how you are hosting your site, how your site performs and what content works for your business. Looking at the complete picture of your website will ensure that I can develop a strategy and a roadmap to get the most out of your website.

The best SEO consultant must be a combination of a marketer, web developer, database administrator, stakeholder, content author and visionary. I must admit I’m not bad in most of these roles!

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How we deliver the results

Your SEO proposal will include an initial top level review of your existing positions within Google, from this, I evaluate competitors and the overall marketplace. Once I have ascertained the target marketplace, keyword groups, existing positions, competitor authority and general on-site checks, I can then evaluate a timeline, plan of action and associated costs for work. Your proposal will give you insights into the opportunities that exist, how long SEO is likely to take, a forecast and roadmap.

Let's Work Together!

If you think you would benefit from having a experienced SEO consultant review your website and work together to develop your ongoing SEO and marketing strategies then you should consider Steve Johnson.