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All the search engine optimisation your business needs without the costs associated with SEO agencies.

Importance of Domain Authority in SEO

Why do you need SEO Services?

Your website is probably a major sales channel for your business and you need it to be ranking as high as possible, whether that is for products, services, consultancy or information.

So, if you are looking for SEO Services in Cardiff or the UK, look no further – Steve Johnson can help drive more rankings, more traffic and more business.

We will analyse your business and its existing online presence/visibility to ascertain what is required from us to get you ranking.

Monitoring Progress

Any SEO campaign needs to identify the baseline, implement a strategy  and monitor to see what is working and what needs further improvement. The search engines constantly change their algorithms and technology doesn’t stay still so we need to keep on top of our approach and constantly monitor.

Google Impressions
Growth in Total Impressions after Implementing SEO strategy
Mobile Friendly Site
Mobile Friendly Page

Web site speed performance

Website Speed There are many tools out there now to monitor your website performance and to help you flag up those bottlenecks. The first approach is […]

Google Ads Campaigns

Google Ads Campaigns First option is always work hard on your SEO to get your organic rankings up first as that will always be your cheaper […]

Data Analysis

Data Analysis With SEO Data analytics there are basically two methods: 1.Establish a methodology to collect your data on the organic traffic coming to your site. […]

Some of our recent projects

We provide SEO consultancy from small projects for landing pages and Google Ad Campaigns through to a complete SEO Optimisation for Enterprise websites. Whatever your SEO, see if we can help.

SEO Optimisation

Review website technologies after switching domain and setting up ten languages.

Landing Pages

Campaign for new ESEF reporting throughout Europe required landing pages and Google Ads

Technical SEO Audit

Perform aTechnical SEO audit on the site and then on page optimisation to move up the organic rankings for specific keywords.


Specialist silk bedding company needed to move from Page 10 in search rankings.