Data Analysis

With SEO Data analytics there are basically two methods: Data Analysis 1.Establish a methodology to collect your data on the organic traffic coming to your site. This may be using the tried and tested Google Analytics or Google Search console or something a bit more fancy with a third party analytics tool or even something as simple as your own spread sheet and manually collecting the data. 2. Process that data to get a reliable and trustworthy set of information or KPI so that you can act on that data. Search engine results pages (SERP’s) change quickly so you need to monitor these over a period of time to establish values and trends before making decisions. Once we have established our data we will:-
  • Know what’s going on
  • Know why it is going on
  • Find gaps and opportunities
  • Recommend how we want to act on the insight
  • Estimate the expected outcome of the recommended action
Spikes in SEO data analysis are quite typical and can be caused by changes in search engine algorithms, changes to your own website, changes to competitors websites or many other factors, try and look past the spikes to look for trends and current values. Based on the data you will come up with a plan to improve your SEO and you must continue to monitor your data with the same methodology as before, so that you can see if your plan is working or not. Remember some things will improve your organic rankings and some won’t so if you think some are riskier changes then you may want to stagger their implementation to be able to assess their effectiveness.